Why I’m Here

When my children were young, I spent my time teaching them and finding out exactly how much I didn’t know. Now that they’re one step shy of being adults, I can no longer use them as an excuse to learn new things. So, I have to make learning opportunities for myself, and what fun is learning something new if you can’t share it with somebody?! So, welcome to my virtual “playground.” This is where I get to play with ideas and share them with you.

I always have podcasts on in the car and when I’m working around the house, and most of them deal with science — food science, psychology, medicine, why and how things came to be. Some people might say I have a tendency to over-analyze things. It’s not true. Don’t listen to them. I just like to look at things from every direction.

When I sit down and write about something, it helps me to connect the dots. While I’m at it, I might as well put it out here and share it. So, come on in. Grab a cup o’ joe or a spot of tea and let’s figure this stuff out together!


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