Keep the Change

So, apparently blogging isn’t my forte. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, or even that I don’t want to do it. It’s just at the bottom of my list of important things to do.

We’ve really been pretty boring here. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that; we’ve had a pretty tumultuous past 10 years, so we relish boring. Unfortunately, that doesn’t leave me much to write about.

At the front of the line are the changes I’m trying to make to my physical state. I think I’m falling into that middle-aged crisis cliche state of mind, which makes me cringe. But I’m finally getting it. The whole diet and exercise thing really does work. Eat sensibly and exercise. Who knew it could be that simple? (Note sarcasm, please.)

I’m not sure what clicked with me recently. Maybe it was the fact that my cholesterol was beginning to creep up along with the circumference of my waistline. I’m not ready to consider myself middle-aged, and I’m not ready to buy the next bigger size of jeans, either. So, this past week I took a big plunge and added Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shredto my daily “regimen.” I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how quickly things have begun to change. I really like feeling like my muscles are being revived.

Pair the new exercise routine with the help of the new and improved Weight Watchers PointsPlus plan, and I’ve manage to shed about 10 pounds since Thanksgiving. I’m pretty proud of that. I’ve been making feeble attempts for the past couple of years to get rid of this extra weight I’ve gained, but I’d become convinced that I couldn’t do it. A couple of friends finally convinced me to go back to Weight Watchers. That’s when I discovered that everything I hated about Weight Watchers has been replaced by common sense! I was ecstatic!

Weight Watchers now actually encourages people to eat real food! It’s amazing. I wonder if they’ve been reading the same books I’ve been reading.   In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan is the one that got my attention first. Then I discovered How to Cook Everything and Food Matters by Mark Bittman.  Both of them made me realize how dependent our collective diets have become on convenience foods and how simple it is to get back to making those “convenience” foods for ourselves.  Not only can we reduce the number of additives in our diets, but we can reduce the amount of waste that leaves our house on garbage day.  I need to get into Quicken to verify this, but I’m pretty sure I’m spending less on groceries, too, not to mention fewer dollars on restaurant outings.

We still have a long way to go here, but change is a journey not a destination.

Which brings me back to Weight Watchers.  Some of the long-standing Weight Watcher members are finding it difficult to wrap their heads around the changes being thrown their way. They’re so used to buying food loaded with artificial sweeteners and no fat that they can’t believe the new program can actually help them lose weight.  I’ve even heard some of them say they’re still following the old plan “behind their leaders’ backs” because it works for them and they’re afraid to change.  I understand the fear of change; I hope what they’re hearing in the meetings sinks in and they change their minds anyway.

And so change is what I’m focused on right now.  I need to keep the changes I’m making:  eating right and exercising.   The creative outlets will fall into place as time passes, but I think my blogging effort is going to be much more hit and miss than I had anticipated.  So, all 10 of you who are sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for me to post again can be free.  Go out and do something important in the world.  I’ll be back later.  I’ll try to bring pictures.

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4 Responses to Keep the Change

  1. GeekKnitter says:

    Never underestimate how soothing a nice boring day can be! My life has been a bit too much on the ‘exciting’ side lately… makes me sigh for a boring day.

    Blog when you want to, m’love. It’s s’pose to be fun.

  2. Jeff says:

    Well, as your loving spouse who has been seeing your diligence every day (or *nearly* every day), I am very proud of the progress you are making. Your persistence is certainly paying off! And I’m hear to tell the other readers, we do eat ‘real food’ — and it’s good.

    Keep up the good work, ‘Mom’!

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