New Year’s Resolution

My Dear Husband is the photographer in our family. He’s rarely in photos unless he sets up the camera and then passes it off to me so that I can push the button. Candid shots of him are rare. Occasionally I’ll grab the camera when it seems like something noteworthy is about to happen. Every now and then I get lucky and catch him in action, like this:


Identity has been concealed to protect the fallen

This was a most unexpected success, and really, it was only a success to one of us. Dear Husband came up feeling not quite so successful, but at least now he can look back and see where he went wrong.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with my New Year’s Resolution. Well, I’ll tell you. I’ve resolved to make a more focused effort to hone my creative talents. I love to create, but I’ve never gotten very good at any one thing because I tend to be a dabbler.

For a really long time now I’ve wanted to be able to take photographs that really capture the moment and show what I’m seeing and feeling. You can imagine, then, how excited I was to discover that our library offers free online courses. These are real courses with real instructors and a real grade. I find this very motivating because I like to get feedback on what I’m doing; otherwise, what’s the point?

I just finished reading through the first lesson, and my assignment is to take a couple of pictures using The Rule of Thirds. Well, it just so happens I was goofing around with the camera earlier this evening, and lo and behold, I used the Rule of Thirds without even realizing it. I must be a natural.

Stop laughing.

It’s a good picture, and I’ll show you why. Here it is:


Baby Jesus loves Christmas lights

Do you see that?! Baby Jesus is very happy about those Christmas lights! Look at how excited he is! Please also note that I cleverly positioned him on the right third of the frame. He’s in the middle third of the picture, too, and the pretty lights are in the left third. I would feel even more clever had I actually intended to do that.

I guess I can still say that I learned the point of the lesson because I can now look at my pictures and notice why some work and some don’t.

And that’s what I learned today. Happy New Year!

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One Response to New Year’s Resolution

  1. Sara says:

    I love that your library offers classes – how awesome! I look forward to hearing about your photographs adventures! The rule of thirds really can make a difference. My camera has a grid that I have turned on to help me remember & use the rule.

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