After-Christmas Reflection and Ramping up for the New Year

Christmas is over.  The spoils of the holiday are littered around the family room and kitchen waiting to find their new homes.

The artifacts in the kitchen really need to find a new home in someone else’s belly. Hopefully, that of my skinny teenage son.  Of course, he’ll have to remember to eat them.

Conjure up the image of the Absent-Minded Professor, and you will have an accurate picture of my son.  He’s a different sort of kid, but we all love him anyway.  I’m not quite sure where we’d be without him.  He’s our Geek Squad, and many things here would still be broken if he hadn’t fixed them.  Of course, many things here wouldn’t be broken if he hadn’t fixed them.  He’s a mixed blessing and — like I said — we all love him anyway.

Dear Daughter, the second child, is much easier to figure.  She and I are much alike, and while we can be very focused and productive at times, there’s nothing better than stealing time to nurture our creative sides.  She’s an artist and a writer and an all-around good-natured friend to many.  She laughs easily and easily makes the rest of us laugh.  She reads and draws, and she writes lists that are later forgotten.  I have no idea where she gets that.

Loving Husband brings order and discipline to our home, but I love him anyway.  He keeps us on track, and despite my heels dragging across the floor, he keeps things moving forward.  Occasionally, I need to make sure he doesn’t take a straight line to our destination, because side trips are often more fun than the direct route.  He likes to have fun, too; his sort of fun involves numbers and neat rows of things and driving sort of fast on his motorcycle or camping with bears.  He does have a dirty little secret, though.  It’s those stacks of boxes in the storage room.  The man can’t throw away packaging for anything.  This strange obsession has come in handy on occasion, so we don’t really bother him about it.  Much.  He also enjoys a good twist-tie. You never know when they’ll come in handy.

Me?  I’m The Mom. I’m the one you call to when you suddenly realize that your underwear drawer is mysteriously devoid of undies.  If I were the sort of mom that did things in a predictable, orderly fashion, this would never happen.  But I like to mix things up a bit.  It keeps the level of excitement around here just right.

As I was saying, though, Christmas is over.  It was a joyous, snowy time, and while I really love the holiday, it’s also nice to have it behind us.  We have one more week with the children home from school.  That means one more week of people getting enough sleep and no arguments over homework.  It also means we need to get busy because we are the perennial hosts of the Neighborhood New Year’s Eve party, and in just five short days we will be hosting the cast of characters that make up our neighborhood.  I’m really looking forward to it, but I also turn into a perfectionist when it comes to having people in my house.  So, please excuse me.  The Mad Frenzy is about to begin!

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2 Responses to After-Christmas Reflection and Ramping up for the New Year

  1. fefferknits says:

    ❤ I love the new blog!

    And I love that DH is a twist-tie hoarder! J is, too, and I thought *no one* else on earth could possibly be that quirky! LOL.

    Merry late Christmas, all! XOXO

  2. Sara says:

    Lovely new blog, Julie! I look forward to reading!

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